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About The Owner

My name is Joey Brown, and I grew up in Cincinnati. I graduated from La Salle in 2022, and I am currently studying Finance at the University of Miami. 

I have always wanted to start a business, so last summer I had the idea of starting a clothing brand. It all started with only a few $100 from summer jobs going into my first inventory order. I Followed this up with creating social media pages and a online storefront through Shopify. I decided that I wanted to do Cincinnati themed merchandise, so I named it based on the well known area code of Cincinnati (513). And as a senior in high school, my business was born in 2021.

Since starting the business, I have grown the brand in multiple ways. The two biggest ways have been going down to Bengals tailgates and selling shirts with some of my good friends. Another way has been through signing NCAA© athletes to Name, Image, and Likeness deals. I have signed multiple athletes who attend a local university (Cincinnati, NKU, etc) or are from the great city of Cincinnati. This idea of signing athletes has been a great experience and has truly built a community around the brand.

I have learned a lot from this experience, but my biggest takeaway is that the most important step to success is the first step. It is easy to overthink taking a risk in life, but without taking that risk, you will never have the chance to succeed at that goal of yours. I look forward to the future of this brand and hope to continue to grow it.

- Joey